Are you Ready for Instant Direct Debit?

The next major leap in Australian payments infrastructure, PayTo (previously known as the Mandated Payment Service, or MPS) will provide major benefits to merchants and consumers alike.

Best of all, Zepto is set to offer PayTo to our merchant partners from the day it launches!

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"PayTo is set to modernise the way bank accounts are used for payments and will underpin innovation in the sector for years to come."

New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA)

Merchants: Say Hello to Instant Direct Debit

PayTo's instant direct debits will deliver guaranteed payments in real-time to have businesses humming like never before.

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Keep Money Moving 24/7/365

Say goodbye to delayed Direct Debit payments and funding lags forever. PayTo payments will clear and settle in your account in seconds at any time of the day or night 24/7/365.

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Greater Payments


See when a customer payment agreement is paused, changed or cancelled, giving you the clarity and information you need to engage with your consumers and maximise payment success.

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Real-time account validation, funds verification and real-time notifications remove the frustrations and negative cash flow implications of dishonoured payments.

"PayTo will be a game-changer in Australia with applications right across retail, e-commerce, subscription business models, BNPL and other verticals.

"It will fundamentally change the way money moves, accelerate cash flow, and give consumers more clarity and control over when & where their payments are going. We look forward to deploying PayTo in our suite of merchant payment solutions."

Ian Lennie, Zepto Founder & Executive Director - Solutions

A Better

Customer Experience

PayTo gives customers more visibility and control over their payment obligations, and will help eliminate the friction points of legacy Direct Debit.

Your customers will enjoy a massively enhanced payment experience, resulting in a a better outcome for all.

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Make Sure Your Business is Ready for PayTo

Integrate with Zepto's Direct Debit platform now, and you’ll have no additional development work to switch over to PayTo—if you want to—the moment it switches on. Our API can do all the heavy lifting now, so you won’t have to.

Find out how to get on board with PayTo from day one